Tamera Elizabeth Reed is a nationally syndicated columnist, transgender rights Activist, and president & founder of T-Girl Publishing, the International Transgender Historical Society & Hall of Fame, the Bay Area Transgender Society, and Trans-Love

Tammy is not only passionate about spreading awareness about the transgender & transsexual community, but she is a strong supporter for their respective equal rights as well.

In her Nationally syndicated column, Tammy writes about transgender and transsexual issues.  Her column currently appears in the "Society & Culture" section of the Examiner News website, as well as several other syndicate publications.

Tammy was born in Farmington Hills, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, on September 12th, 1974. Tammy grew up in Livonia, Michigan (also a suburb of Detroit), the youngest of three children born to five-time Michigan state weightlifting champion, Glenn Reed, and his wife, Tina Reed.

Tammy knew she was born the wrong gender ever since she was a young child growing up in Livonia. It had become obvious to herself as well as others that she was different from all the other boys. Tammy's personality always fit more of a girls personality, rather then a boys personality. Every night before going to bed, Tammy would pray that she would wake up as a girl.

In 1985, Tammy moved to the Tampa Bay area of Florida along with her family. By the time she reached her teen years, Tammy was already cross-dressing on a daily basis. With already  having the personality of a girl, cross-dressing only felt natural to Tammy.

As natural as cross-dressing felt to Tammy, it still was not enough to make her feel like herself...after all, Tammy knew that she was a woman...just born in the wrong genders body. Tammy knew that the only way she could truly be herself was to "come out" and start living her life as a women... both at home and out in public.

In 2002 Tammy started working as a phone sex operator. She enjoyed her job and reflects back on it as one of the most exciting jobs she ever had...

 "Being a phone sex operator was a very exciting experience! I enjoyed fulfilling men's fantasies over the phone... it was very erotic, even to me. It was at that point when I seriously started to realize that I was bi-sexual. I had only been with women up until that point in my life, but having phone sex with men really started to make me realize how turned on by men I was... It truly made me start to desire men!" - Tammy Reed

In 2003 Tammy left her job as a phone sex operator and went to work as a modeling talent scout for Lou Pearlman's  Wilhelmina Talent Agency.

"What can I say, yet another fun job! I got paid to tell men & women how sexy they were, and to take their measurements!" - Tammy Reed

By the time Tammy reached her 30's, she was living two separate lives...half her time as a man & half her time as a woman, both in public and at home. It was during this time when Tammy went to work for a "GG" friend who was selling her used panties online. Tammy's job was to manage the website store for her friend, and keep track of all the orders that came in.

While working for her friend, Tammy wondered if there was a "fetish" market for men who wanted to purchase used panties from transgender women. Tammy soon found out that there was such a market....

Full Name:
Tamera Elizabeth Reed

Syndicated Transgender & Transsexual Issues  Columnist

M-to-F Transgender


5' 6"




Birth Date:
September 12th, 1974  



Political Views:

Favorite Food:
Chicken Parmesan

Favorite Drink:

Ideal Date:

Romantic dinner, comedy show, walk on the beach.

In 2008 Tammy started selling her own used  panties, bras, pantyhose (etc.) on her own website, "Tammy's Closet." Though Tammy no longer focuses on selling her used panties online as her main source of income, she still does offer the service to anyone who is interested.  

Eventually Tammy decided to get more involved with raising awareness for the transgender, transsexual, and cross-dressing community. In 2007, Tammy founded the International Transgender Historical Society with the The goal of preserving, honoring, and celebrating the history of the Transgender and Transsexual community around the world, as well as raise public awareness of the fact that Transgender, Transsexual, and cross-dressing men and women are no different then anyone else, and can achieve the same goals in life. Through the International Transgender Historical Society, Tammy founded the I.T.H.F. Transgender Hall of Fame. the I.T.H.F. Transgender Hall of Fame honors the Transgender, Transsexual, and cross-dressing men and women around the world who have achieved high success in their personal life, professional career, or with their activism efforts. Each year the Board of Directors induct 6 - 12 people into the Hall of Fame. 

In 2010, Tammy started a local off-shoot of the International Transgender Historical Society called the Bay Area Transgender Society (B.A.T.S.). The Bay Area Transgender Society is a social network & support group for other transgender, transsexual and cross-dressing men and women living in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. B.A.T.S. organizes frequent "girls night out" events at local LGBT bars, giving girls a chance to go out in public and meet others like them, who may normally be afraid to venture out in public alone.

In May of 2011, Tammy became a freelance writer for Examiner.com, writing her column on Transgender & Transsexual Issues.

Also in 2011, Tammy formed T-Girl PublishingT-Girl Publishing is the copyright administrator for all of Tammy's intellectual & creative work.

In February of 2012, Tammy launched TransloveTranslove is an online dating website for Transgender, Transsexual, and Crossdressing singles.

In early 2013, Author Karen Sinclair published her book titled "About Whoever: The Social Imprint on Identity and Orientation." In her book, Sinclair quotes Tammy, and briefly discuses one of Tammy's articles on Gender Reassignment Surgery. 

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