“When did you realize that you were transgendered?” 

“Well, it's really not that simple. From the time I was a little boy, ever since I could remember, I kind of felt like something wasn't right with me... I just didn't understand it though. I always preferred playing with the girls in my neighborhood and at school, instead of the boys, I felt like I had more in common with them. I used to always prefer to play with their toys, instead of boy toys. I always had a very effeminate personality, as well as effeminate features. On several occasions when my mom would tuck me into bed at night, I remember telling her I wish that I would wake up as a girl."   

“By the time I was a teenager in middle school, I was secretly dressing in womens clothing as often as I could at home, and started wearing subtle makeup in public like black eyeliner and black nail polish. Wearing womens clothing wasn't a sexual thing like some people naively think... it just felt natural for me to wear female clothing, plain & simple! Mind you, I was still a little confused because at the time I was only attracted to girls, so I considered myself a "normal, straight teenager,”

“By the time I reached 30, I started to live my life as a woman. The only reason I hadn't gone out in public as a woman before then was because I was scared to. I figured everyone would know I wasn't a genetic woman and they would stare. Now I live as myself, a bi-sexual woman, and couldn't be more happy... This is what I should have been since the day I was born." 

“You are a pre-op transgender, do you plan on having SRS surgery?”  

“I would like nothing more then to have SRS surgery in order to make my physical transition complete. Unfortunatly i don't know if i ever will. I don't like hospitals or doctors, and I have never had any kind of surgery at all in my lifetime so far. I am deathly afraid of having any kind of surgery at all. If I could ever get over my fears one day, then maybe I will be able to make that decision of having SRS Surgery."

“You are bi-sexual, so tell me what type of man you are attracted to?” 

“As far as personality goes, a positive attitude is a must! When it comes to character, I am definitely attracted to the gentleman type. I love the type of man who knows how to treat a lady! As far as looks go, I guess you could say I like the “pretty boys” more so then the big burly kind of men.” 

“And what kind of women are you attracted to?” 

“I am into “Girly-Girls” all the way, no doubt about it! I love being extremely feminine, and I love being with an extremely feminine woman as well. To me, nothing beats the feel of soft lips kissing my lips, and soft skin touching my skin!”    


 “Are you the romantic type?” 

“Oh definitely! Whether I’m with a man or a woman, either way, I love to be romanced! I like to hold hands, cuddle, be kissed softly... etc. I am definitely the romantic type of girl!” 

 “What is your idea of a perfect date?” 

“Well, like I said, I like romance. My ideal date is either a romantic diner at a nice restaurant, or a romantic candle light dinner at home, then catch a show at a comedy club, followed by a nice moonlit walk on the beach. I don't care for going out to see a movie on a date... especially on a first date... because it's hard to talk with your date and get to know them while watching a movie in a theatre.”  

 “Let's talk about your fans... what is the strangest or weirdest piece of fan mail you ever received?” 

[Tammy laughs] “I can't remember where this fan was from, but I had this one fan that would routinely send me an email every single morning, asking me what color bra I was wearing that day. Just like clockwork, never missing a morning. Every single morning I would open up my inbox and there would be an email from him asking me what colored bra I was wearing that day. He wouldn't ask me anything else or say anything else... that was all he wanted to know. He did this for about a year, It was the strangest thing I had ever seen. I guess the guy had a bra fetish or something!” 

“Did you oblige his fantasies by emailing him back with your answer?”  

[Tammy laughs] “Yes I did, every morning. It was just too funny and too odd to resist answering him back. To tell you the truth, I wanted to see just how long he would keep it up for as well... I was curious. Besides, I figured that if someone is that interested in the color bra I am wearing every morning... who am I to refuse them!?”  [Tammy laughs]

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